Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Awful Unresponsiveness of Death

This phrase 'awful unresponsiveness of death' has been haunting me ever since I read it in 'The English Teacher' by R. K. Narayan. What a painful feeling it must be...a feeling of emptiness. Nothing more can be more sorrowful than an unexpected, untimely demise of a dear one. But life has to go on....painfully though.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Are your words holding you back?

well...seems like I am blog-freak today!
An article that appeared in Lifestyle MSN: Are your words holding you back? again caught my attention. No man is unworthy...he is what he believes is! Read it to find more!
The New Marriage Rules

Today seems to be blog day! :-D

This article, The New Marriage Rules, captures the changes in the outlook towards marriage in today's world. Adjusting, compromising with each others attitude seem to be needed for a happier life! (I cannot comment on this more, without experiencing it ;-)
An important problem among friends, though not always explicitly stated is ' Reciprocity'. Recently I read another article wherein person A had raised this problem to a counsellor: I have been there for my friend in all her so-and-so things, but for my so-and-so things, she doesn't reciprocate at all. This hurts me. For which the counsellor suggested that the friend is probably having her own problems that she doesn't really share with you..blah blah blah....What really caught me was this statement:
It's better if we're "there for people" simply because we choose to be.
Damn true ain't it? Why care for a return...but enjoy what you do! :-)
Being born and brought up in India, one doesn't find the idea of 'Arranged Marriage' so different. But for many people out of the Indian sub-continent, arranged marriage is something very interesting and sometimes funny! How could you marry someone whom you do not know? is a common question I have encountered while talking to people. Recently, my supervisor brought to our attention (in lieu of my labmate's wedding) an article in MSN. Anjali Mansukhani married a guy working in the US, arranged by the parents. She discusses the pros of arranged marriage in the article and finally punches in the essence of Indian culture:
Had I found my own mate, I'm sure my parents would have come around, but I'd have to live knowing that they wouldn't be truly emotionally invested in the success of the marriage.
Every individual aspires for social integration or social recognition. Indian tradition and culture, I believe, is designed to facilitate achieving it, paving way for a happier life! Not to undervalue the western system, Anjali highlights the pros of the American culture too. A good combination of the Indian and western culture for a happier life!
(Indian-born love-married couples: No offense intended...and perhaps this might not be the true in all cases!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A pep blog!

As I prepare for my mock presentation tomorrow, I cannot help thinking of the comfort, moral support, reassurance, confidence that I had while preparing for competitive exams at home. The physical presence of my parents, sisters have had a very positive influence on all my performances, knowingly or unknowingly. Sitting here all alone, across the seas, I miss the warmth of my home. But this experience teaches me to be self-motivated. As I grow up in my profession, I believe, self-motivation, sustainment, perseverance are qualities that would be necessary to keep me in the front. Reassured by the thought of the warmth at home, getting back to work! :-)

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Best Education

I recently came across an article (click on article for the article) by Prof. Michael Raghunath, NUS in a local newspaper in the 'science talk' column. It is a very good article wherein he describes what research-based education is. I was really taken back by his writing skills. I think, not all can write what they think (and not all can think so clearly!)! I would say, thinking clearly and writing the SAME is an art, an art that is at par with other forms of expression such as painting, singing etc. It has its own rules! The article is a must read for anyone who wants to know about research-based training and for an example of excellent writing!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Human happiness may always be related to associations. At different ages, different associations give happiness. Friendship, a predominant association atleast until one gets married, shapes one's character and self-esteem. There are many theories and studies from how friendship blosoms and influences on the shaping of one's character to how to maintain friendships (quite a number of good websites came up when I googled!). On some reflection coupled with some google searches (and coupled with my natural inclination towards psychology), I realised three important factors/phenomena/act that create/sustain friendships. One is the reciprocity between friends. I tell something very personal to my friend, and I expect my friend to be open with me on his personal feeling. This is very much essential in the initial stages of friendship and sometimes this is expected even after several years of friendship. But there are friends who understand that experience and exposure varies as we grow and venture into defining our own lives. Then a mature relation is established and each other acknowledge each other for their transformation. This is especially true in case of high-school friends. Each friend enters different schools for their degree and comes out with different experiences and perceptions towards life. The second factor that I realised is important in creating and sustaining friendship is a common interest. People who have common interests easily bond. This is because humans tend to like to be acknowledged for their thoughts and interests. Also, common interests form a platform over which friends talk over several subjects ultimately leading to intimacy. Third, I felt demostration of the feeling of friendship is important and gives a significant boost to the strength and length of friendship between two friends. When I acknowledge and introduce someone as my friend (friend, not as in the corporate world), the social recognition and identity that is created gives a significant boost to the self-esteem and confidence for both the friends. This is again due to our social-living nature. Apart from this, altruism is often a mark of true friendship. So friends who read this blog, please reciprocate, acknowledge and demonstrate your friendship by (giving comments to this blog!) keeping in constant touch with friends (especially who are away from homeland) and lending an empathetic ear. You may never know how this act of kindness brings a change in them, but it definitely is needed.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Only when you are deprived of something do you realise its need. I think, this is Experience-based learning...or simply Experience?!