Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Endhiran - I must say I was incredibly impressed with the first half of the movie before the standard Indian masala crept its way through to the second half. The technical wizardry is probably commendable - I leave it to the experts to comment on it. The storyline good for sure. A scientist with a "helping-humankind attitude" builds a robot that can learn from daily life do several tasks that his contemporaries are unable to do, thus making a significant advancement. However, it suffers from a serious limitation in that it cannot take moral decisions and can only do what it has been instructed to do. Due to this limitation, the AIRD (anybody can tell what it is?) does not approve it for use in the military. At this point, I must appreciate the movie team which had brought out the boons and banes of technological advancement vividly. In due course, the scientist "teaches" (or programs) to even "feel", a unique property of the living beings, so that he can take moral decisions. However, things take a twist and the robot starts to love. Then the whole thing takes the Indian masala shape. One is also reminded of the Hollywood movies like iRobo, Eagle Eye etc towards the end.

However the technical advancements and the storyline maybe commendable, I cannot still convince myself of spending Rs. 190 crores for the movie. I am also surprised by how somebody is able to invest such a huge amount in a single project! That only reveals how wealthy India is! Historically, the development of a nation and its citizens is evaluated by the amount of time and money they invest in art and culture. In that sense, India, and specifically Tamil Nadu must be really well-off that they are able to bring out such a mega-budget movie with a decent story line.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


All these days, I never knew gene therapy was at clinical trial levels. I always thought it was at research level and there are a lot of difficulties to overcome before it came out in clinical levels. Alas, I was wrong! Read the success story of treating beta-thalaessemia, an inherited blood disorder, by gene therapy HERE and HERE!

Though it has been a success, there are a number of issues that are yet to be taken care of.