Sunday, December 18, 2011

National Unique ID

Although I haven't been following the issues on the National Unique ID, this article caught my attention. It tells that two different groups, the Nandan Nilekani group and the National Population Registry group are doing the same work. Further, it also tells that the National Identification Authority of India has raised issues on dealing about illegal immigrants. I certainly don't understand why there would be no inter-communication between officials and make works simpler by sharing the load between the two groups. As to the issue of illegal immigrants, that is the first thing anybody who is going to issue a national ID would think of. I wonder what they discuss before they start working on such projects - money?

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Indian government - sincere or is it naive?

The last of couple of days, the media has been reporting about Mr. Kejriwal's tryst with the IT deparment - for a mere 9 lakh rupees, when Ms. Kanimozhi, Mr. Raja are enjoying a luxurious Tihar jail residence for still not accounting for the over 200 crores of money that vanished into thin air. And I am really wondering if the government is really that naive to think Mr. Kejriwal would back off from his civilian fights under such petty pressures, or, has it become very sincere to account even for a penny?. (Note: Mr. Kejriwal claims there has been no correspondence in this regard from the IT department since he resigned, and only before the fasting of Anna had he recieved the notification. That is too much to be a coincidence.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

PMO under Lokpal?

I was under the impression that Team Anna wanted the PM's office to come under the ambit of Lokpal. I thought that was a crucial demand that the government and the opposition found hard to agree upon. Today, I read in the newspaper nothing about this demand. When was this demand given up?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Supremacy of the Parliament?

Everybody talks of the supremacy of the parliament:See

What I don't understand is this: The people (atleast who really support the cause of anti-corruption) do NOT have faith in the members who constitute the parliament. And, when one does not have faith in its members, how would (s)he trust the system (system:the parliament as the supreme democratic unit of the Nation)? I think we need to step back and ask ourselves "Are we interested in preserving the existing system, that is the supremacy of the parliament, or, are we interested in bringing a strong anti-corruption system?"

Secondly, I read somewhere that BJP is now supporting the demands of Team Anna while a few days ago they had outright rejection of the demands. If that was truly a sincere resolution, I appreciate it. However, given the whimsical and corrupt attitudes of the politicians in general,as an ordinary citizen, I am disinclined to believe there are no ulterior motives - maybe even to bring down this government so that they can come to power.

Third, Rahul Gandhi's voice is coming out prominently now - after about 10 days of Anna's fast. Am I to believe that he didn't have any opinions earlier? All I can think of is that Congress is playing a very tactful drama to bring Rahul into leadership. Disgusting drama.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Does the Parliament any longer represent the people?

"...the path that he has chosen to impose his draft of a Bill upon Parliament is totally misconceived and fraught with grave consequences for our Parliamentary democracy."

There can be nothing more grave than the arrest of Anna Hazare to demote the democratic principle of the country. The parliament, as I understand, is an institution that represents the people and the people's mind. There are strong protests from people all over the country in support of Anna Hazare. Yet, the parliament - including the ruling party and the opponents - are against implementing Team Anna's version of the Lokpal Bill. Doesn't this mean that the parliament no longer represents the interest of the people? I don't understand this form of governmental organization.

"They must allow the elected representatives of the people in Parliament to do the job that they were elected for."

If I understand correctly, the Team Anna's version of the Lokpal doesn't trust the elected members in the Parliament to do the job. With atleast two of its ministers in the Tihar jail for corruption, on what grounds may we expect the members of the parliament to make laws that protect the interests of the people?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

யாரிடம் தோற்கிறோம் என்பதைப் பொருத்தது தோல்வியின் வலி.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Physics is where real researchers are: They go behind ideas and concepts!
Physics is were real professors are: they “profess” ALL knowledge irrespective of their own expertise!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

வார்த்தையாக அலைகிறேன் கவிதையை தேடி;
வார்த்தையே கவிதை என்றறியாமல்.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Padma Awards

Why are non-Indians and who don't live or contribute to India's development awarded the 'Padma" awards?

For example:

I understand Prof. Venki, Nobel Laurette, was also awarded a Padma.

No doubt they have contributed most to Science. No doubt they deserve the highest honors around the world. But why would an award instituted for the Indian citizens who have contributed to the development of arts, science etc in India be given to someone who did almost nothing to India? (They probably were not given a good chance in India, or didn't find the right intellectual mix that is required for such accomplishments - this is a different issue which again we Indians need to think about, especially in the Science sector.)

If inspiring the younger generation is a purpose to argue, then I only find inspiration to leave India and work abroad forever. :-\

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Mpemba Effect: Hotter is Faster

The whistle blows and the students start running in their tracks. It is a 500m running race. Unfortunately one of the students falls down tripped by his shoe lace. Without thoughts about the injuries, he quickly gets up, ties his shoe lace, only to find that his competitors have overtook him by a significant distance. With a new surging determination, he starts running. He ran with a speed that surpassed all his earlier feats. He wins!

One might have observed such scenarios commonly. The slower ones (or atleast the ones that we think will be slow) pick up the faster, be it in studies, competitions or in life. Water is no exception to this rule. It is common sense to expect hot water to cool slower than cool cold water. Hot water has lot of energy to lose to become cold, while cold water has relatively less energy to lose to become cold. Sounds perfect. But is it truly the case? Controlled experiments show that hot water cools faster than cold water! And what more? This trend continues beyond the crossover point as well!! Check out this article here.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wishes swarm in from every corner of the world. What more can brighten a day and give the boost for yet another year to come? What better day to remind that our lives are touched by each other in unique and memorable ways? Time may rip off the specific details of the memory. But it does not even dare to touch the inner spirit of these memories and wishes.

"The little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best parts of a person's life." -- William Wordsworth.