Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, well...India and Indian people are never going to come out of their stupidity.
Would anyone compel their own daughter to marry someone whom she doesn't want to marry? Well, the daughter has not much choice! And you have to believe it! Arranged marriages can be good...but I guess with changing social life pattern, it is important to consider the preferences of both the individuals. I think this is quite important for the development of the society as well.
I just happened know that people can even be reluctant to visit a doctor, despite having some problems. Even if it were minor, if it were I, I wouldn't have let it and I would have got a consultation. However, Mr. X dismissed that since he didn't have anymore symptoms, he was fine. But I am not sure if this is right. The discomfort could have been due to many reasons, which a layman wouldn't suspect. Even if it was a simple problem, my advise would be to pay a visit to the doctor and get it confirmed that it was nothing. However, I learn that people are a bit reluctant because of the cost involved. The consultation fee, lab fee, prescription fee etc etc. That is true. But one cannot risk his life for money, especially when there is a whole 50-60 years of life ahead! Well, truly, I don't know what is right in this case!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Be True to Yourself

In light of women's day, there was this article (click here)that appeared in rediff where in an IAS officer, Mrs Ministhy Dileep had written an article on balancing work and life. It is a quite common plight that women give up jobs to take care of the kid - the larger good. However, isn't it also necessary to allow women to pursue their desires? Kids - a decision that has to be taken by both and the responsibility of raising the kids is on both the parents. However, in India, it has been customary for women to stop working after having kids. Is this voluntary or under compulsion, I don't know. However, I do think that women should be allowed to pursue their desires. At the same time, men should also be allowed to pursue their desires - if you don't want to go shopping - NO GO! Everyone should be allowed to be true to themselves.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Finally, the oscar buzz is over. ARR conferred with 2 oscars and every Indian is so proud about it. While every Indian MUST be proud of it, I just want the people to think WHY ARR won the oscar for Jai Ho and the other song. WHAT in Jai Ho made it really unique that it stood up the strict evaluations of the oscar committee? Shouldn't that be spelt out for other aspiring music directors? Would ARR or any other music critic do that for the benefit of others?

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sometimes, it so happens that we get caught up in very petty issues, which actually happens so unintentionally. Infact, they may not even have an impact on us...yet we driven off by it. However, helplessness leads to frustration. What is the medicine?