Monday, January 28, 2008

A Horribe Choice

Whoever said PhD is tough is 200% correct.
When I took up graduate studies I had the opinion that this student didn't enjoy science. But now I realise that a PhD is not only about learning to do science but also understanding and managing people...working to meet their expectations and imaginations!
My first recommendation to anyone who sees this blog: DO NOT OPT for PHD. Instead, take up a masters course by research, and if you still survived, then opt for PhD (at your own risk again).
For those who have already gained admission, please do not choose a project which involves two PIs. You are likely to suffer as much as I do...or even more. The ideas, experiences, expectations of X and Y being different, you are more likely to get trained in managing these people rather than doing any work. Particularly when X discusses things and Y simply works things it is lot lot lot lot lot more difficult.

The other suggestion I would like to give someone who has got an admit, choose a group that is established, dynamic and lively. Do not choose to be supervised by professors who are in the senior-most cadre (administrative jobs)...and even if you choose to, make sure he/she has a big group working. Do not get stuck as a single person driving your project.