Monday, June 23, 2008


Well, with loads of work sitting right front of me, I am tempted to go online to chat with friends...well thats something I cannot resist when someone wants to talk!Talking is such a ventilating phenomena...a ventilation for it wanted or is very much necessary that every one wants a patient ear. But given that XY is on the way back home, I have time left until XY reaches home after dinner...and let me finish off the FOOD BLOG...especially for bachelors by a bachelor! My experiences and tips for easy cooking for bachelors outside India.

The first recommendation is that : PLEASE LEARN TO COOK RICE, DHAL and SAMBAR from your dear amma! These are basic stuffs that you must know!

What I am going to give you here are somethings that you can have for a variety.

1. Veg Fried Rice

a. Well, this is one of the easiest stuff in the world!
Must requirements : Onion, Spring onion leaves, Rice and atleast one veggie.
b. Preferably I usually use these veggies : Carrot, Beans, Cauliflower...but its left to your imagination as to what else u want to add.
c. Fry onion (for three persons, I use 2 medium sized onions..but it doesn't matter) in the pan (after thalichufying with kadugu, curry leaf, cumin seeds). Once the onion is fried, add one veggie at a time and fry well until all the veggies are well cooked.
d. In the meantime, cook rice separately. See to that you give a little less amount of water so that rice does not 'kolanjufy'.
e. Now, add the veggies into the cooked rice and mix well. For efficient mixing purposes, u can add veggies little by little to rice. (If you haven't added salt, don't forget to add that too!).
f. Now fry Spring onion leaves in the pan...and when the smell of the leaves come, stop frying and add it to the rice and mix again.

Its so simple! If you have agenomoto, u can add it to the rice while mixing veggies...add only a little.

NOTE: You can use the veggie so prepared with chappati/bread or anything. You can use pototoes too and make it like bhaji (for pav).

2. Thakkali Pachadi.

This is another most easy-to-make item.

Basic Requirement: Tomatos and Onions.

a. Thalichufy stuffs (kadugo, seeragam, curry leaf, green capsicum etc.)
b. Fry Onions very well(how much ever you want).
c. Add equal amount of well-cut tomatos and fry in the pan until the oil comes up. (If you have left less oil, fry until the entire stuff becomes like jelly-like.

NOTE 1: This item, when preserved well, can be used for abt a week. Care must be taken so that no wet spoon or anything wet doesn't get in.

Note 2: You can mix this item with rice and get tomato rice...or can use it as a bread/chappati spread...or even as a side dish for Thayir saadham!

Thats all for now... will try to post more!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

New addition to my Google Page!

Hello All, I have added a new page to my webpage...Do have a look!