Thursday, May 10, 2007

Problems in life...

Many a people crib that they have lots of problems in life. But a careful analysis can reveal that the problem is not from outside, but from within. The perspectives they have, the expectations they have are the cause of the problems and nothing else!
The best way, I can think of, is to put it off for a while until the heat is lost and then analyse it leisurely. But this is quite difficult to do. It is very natural for us to react instantaneously. But experience might teach one this very lesson of being calm and composed at emotional situations. But it is still upto the individual to learn this lesson!! Once you have learnt this lesson, I believe, problems are no longer problems, rather, challenges! :-)

Monday, May 07, 2007


Somewhere I read 'Research is a solitary activity'. But I should say, research alone is not a solitary activity. Many a things in life cannot be shared with our near and dears, partially because they are not physically near you at that time of need and partially because you cannot burden your dear ones with all your cribs. At such circumstances, a lot distrust develops...distrust on ourself, distrust on the near and dears, frustrations become a habit. But a balanced mind should be able to cope up with all these. Develop trust over mistrust, develop hope over despair and try to see the fortunes in reserve when we cross the huge ocean of negativism. I think that is the essence we should learn as we mature...mentally. Many a people say, I take life as it comes, but I cannot think of being without a cause and take life as it comes. Probably this has led me into the problems I face now, internally. I do not get satiated with something mediocre. But at the same time when I see someone with mediocre satisfactions enjoying themselves, I get broken down. Am I undergoing all these tough times which others gain so easily by lowering their standard? Well, that again leads to the question of how one defines 'standard'. Many a things in this world are very subjective. The most popular one is the one that is the opinion of many people, not necessarily the right one, atleast by my opinion. It also leads to the question of what is 'enjoying' mean! A very subjective term indeed!!
well....a very complex web of emotions :-)... All one needs at such a stage is a good companion, one who can atleast listen to you sincerely, if not offer you any suggestions...and I think suggestions are least expected too! Just the comfort of a good companion, a feel-good thought by a moral support and a motivation. :-)