Sunday, April 23, 2006

Transport phenomena and life!

today i was reading a blog by one of my seniors, wherein she said ppl belong to differnet co-ordinate systems and they shift their frame of reference so often. (

after reading it, i just lied down on my bed thinking of it...

i see that there is a dynamic shift in the frame of reference...and the frequency of it is sometimes the order of which we cannot even imagine nor predict!

Suddenly some similarity striked between solving problems in transport phenomena and life....dont think i am a nerd...i am studying for my exams and i think thats why my cerebrum correlated like this now!

well...coming to the similarity...

While we are going wrong in solving the problems what happens most of the time is that...

we tend to overlook certain terms in the NS equations or other standard equations...making robust assumptions...and cling on to certain other terms, tying to solve the equations with those terms...but the answer willbe vice versa! we should have actually neglected the terms that we are cling on to and use the terms we neglected to arrive at the solution!!

In life too, sometimes we do the same. We overlook certain issues which might have to be given utmost attention and cling on, brood, lament, frustrate on issues which have to be overlooked!!

In the problems of transport phenomena we realise that what we do is wrong when we see the solution...but in life???

Sunday, April 09, 2006

today we had the NUS-Indian Grad meet!
It ws simply wonderful...though it cud have still been made more lively and eventful...i hope it becomes so in the years to come!
basically it served as a platform to know that there is such a big community of Indians from all over the country doing their grad studies in singapore. The strength of this community is so assuring for the freshers like me!
And morever there were alumni of NUS too who had come for the meet!
That is again reassuring the freshers that jobs are available for the best minds of the world!
Oh...and I should not forget to say about th dinner!It was simply excellent! all the exceptions at all!!! i wish we had a meet frequently atleast for this sake..!!
This is just to say that it is difficult to get good Indian foods in Singapore.
NUS canteens have Indian stalls, but they seem to have adapted some practices from here...and otherwise, some hotels like komala vilas etc...are bit too costly for a student to afford! but nevertheless, if one is a good cook, he can get all that he wants to and cook excellently as he would do in India.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

i am waiting for a call from India...a friend promised me to call me this weekend...and i am still waiting...while the weekend for this week is about to end in another 7hrs!
I guess he tried to April fool me!
But the expectation of a call from an old friend of yours...particularly when you are out of your native land on a 'mission' is really taunting..
Apart from this friend, there are lots others who dont realise that people away from home long for mails/calls from friends and relatives.
It is true that they most of the time do not realise it...and very few cant do it!
In that the friend I am waiting to call, mails me and so he falls into the category who realises the expectations...but doesnt call due to variuos other reasons which I realise and understand :-)
Thermodynamics...I am sure that everyone who stepped into their college will have come across this word..
All the processes in this world are indeed governed by this 'Thermodynamics'.
So must it be interesting to learn thermodynamics for a person who actually doesnt know what people learn in what is called "Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics" with module code CN5030.
Its all about fugacity, fugacity coefficients, activity, activity coefficients and Gibbs energy. Whichever chatper you turn into, you will certainly find more than a word in the above lists.
If its all about these 5 words wahts difficult...could be a naive question!
how many many calculations! mm...i wonder how one can expect a student to learn whatever research has been done for over past 100 years in about 4 months of coursework!
Courseworks should be really banned throughout the world!
I am not sure if the professors realise of how a weekend goes for a student!
They keep tests on Mondays..and thats really sickening :(.
I couldnt do anything due to the fear of a test coming up on Monday..nevertheless did i study for it!!
It all seems so greek and latin as i read thru the book...and i hate to waste a sunday without lying lazily on my bed with my music system singing!