Monday, December 07, 2015

Chennai Rains

The last few weeks have been a miserable time for the people in the northern districts of Tamilnadu, including Chennai and Kadaloor. The heavy downpour has brought the daily activities to almost a nil. It was heartening to see the help extended by many people from various parts of the world, thanks to the social media. However, the local news channels seem to be doing a good job in self-praising their parties and trying to antagonize the people against the opposite parties. Particularly disturbing was the news item I saw today where the public (I presume!) went on to say that the municipal workers refused to come to their help because the water was more than waist-deep. I can only wonder how that public expects another human to risk his/her own life to help him/her just because (s)he is a government servant? I don't know the full and true picture that exists in Chennai or other flood-hit places, but I was stunned to hear the complaint displayed in a news channel. I wonder when our people will start respecting others and understand others. Just because one holds a position position doesn't mean that (s)he is bound to help the citizens risking their own lives. They can do only what is humanely possible. Let us stop expecting more from others and start giving what we can give. 

Monday, August 03, 2015

A cycle complete

Part of the cycle, as a teacher, gets complete when your student goes into a job he/she likes and then comes back to you to tell you that he has gotten into a job that (s)he likes...and goes on to get a coffee for you from his salary! Yes, that is complete for me now! :-) 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Dr. Kalam, the man who breathed his last while delivering his lecture at IIM-Shillong, is going to be paid tribute by 6 chief ministers and the prime minister himself at his funeral in Rameshwaram! For all, Dr. Kalam is only a former president. This, I believe, shows how much Dr. Kalam has set himself distinct from other presidents and has lived a life of honor, a life of inspiration - all beyond politics, yet within the political system! Salute! The tributes paid to him by the citizens of India - yes, they would, for the inspiration and relentless work he did for their upliftment. But pucca politicians   paying tribute - I think that is something to say about the life he lived during his tenure!  

A History for the Future

How common is it to come across someone who has deeply thought about the issues of his motherland? Among them how many came up with a deeply thought solution to address the issues and had a vision and action plan for it? One man did. Dr. Abdul Kalam. He rightly believed that tomorrow's India lay in the hands of the younger Indians. He made the best use of his tenure and the post-tenure period of his presidentship to inspire millions of students. He may be no more, but he lives in the hearts of younger India. What more fuller way to have lived life? Salute to one of the greatest minds and a true citizen! He will be a history to learn from and be inspired from for the future!